About Us

FranLaunch USA was founded on the principle of adding value to every client we meet. It’s our mission to build the best franchise organizations possible.

Meet Our Leaders

Experienced, dedicated and proven leadership for your U.S. launch.

Ray Hays

Ray Hays

Managing Partner


  • Franchise executive, advisor and investor
  • Over 28 years track record in diverse franchise sectors
  • Field experience in over 50 countries
  • Deep experience in multi-unit, master and international franchising
Dan Bish

Dan Bish



  • Franchise consultant,  investor and executive
  • Consulting for over 18 years
  • Over 33 years in the franchise industry
  • In-depth experience in multiple industries






Eddie Goitia

Eddie Goitia


    • Multi-unit food and beverage franchise consultant with 30 years’ experience.
    • Owned and operated regional restaurant group with $10 million in sales
    • CEO of one the fastest growing franchise food and bar concepts in the US.
    Joe Kurland

    Joe Kurland

    Associate Partner


    • Over 20 years of franchise operations expertise
    • Experience in more than 20 countries worldwide
    • Deep knowledge of training, coaching and franchise support
    Global Perspective

    Global Perspective / Local Expertise

    At FranLaunch USA, you’ll find that we don’t have a typical “American” perspective on business. Our team has a passion for cross-border franchise expansion and understand the challenges of doing business internationally. Most of our team members have field experience franchising in 30+ countries.

    In fact, it’s highly probable that we’ve worked on franchise projects in your home country.

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