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From beginning to exit, FranLaunch USA is designed to be a complete resource for your franchise expansion. How do we do it?

What We Do – How We Do It

Because we’re a management firm as opposed to a consulting firm, we occasionally get some head scratching when we explain our services. But think of it this way – Franchisors need experience and capital to succeed. International concepts have immigration issues coming into the States, or require in-country experience they may not have.  You need a team to do it for you. It’s incredibly expensive to do it on your own. 

 What if you could find someone that has the track record in franchising and access to investment capital you need to get you to the finish line? We know the answer to that question, and we’re betting you’ll come to see it as well. 


Launch Services

Candidate franchisors must have a unique concept. International franchisors need an established track record in their home country and a strong training and support model before considering the USA. In some cases, we may offer you a partnership opportunity. Once approved, we craft a. launch plan that includes a complete vision and mission document, benchmarks and team expectations. Only then do we launch and begin selling & supporting franchisees. It’s all part of our PACE Method of U.S. expansion. Planning, Adaptation, Commitment, Expertise. All four elements go toward making sure we create more than just a launch – we create a highly competitive franchise offering.

Structure | Staffing | Formation
    • Now, establishing a U.S. office, bank account and other basics is simple, easy and low cost since we can share overhead among our other clients. We even provide both local & toll-free phone numbers, free of charge.
    • Initially, we’ll act as your local contact, providing management of your entire launch including overseeing your proof-of-concept development.
    • Since our network is extensive, we can help you source all the talent you need so you stay ahead of the growth curve.
Legal Structure
  • Whether your starting from scratch or have already begun your legal process, we’ll add incredible value by making your FDD as attractive as possible. You need more than a cookie-cutter approach in this highly competitive marketplace.
  • If you haven’t chosen a legal firm yet, we can direct you to the right one for your concept and budget.
  • The goal is to get you legal to sell franchises in the shortest time possible at or below your budgeted price.
Tech & Marketing Platform

Franchisors must enter the U.S. with strong technology & marketing tools. We provide a comprehensive & integrated platform that includes the following, and more:

  • Franchise sales marketing tools
  • CRM & pipeline engagement
  • Project management
  • Learning Management System (LMS) & other training tools
  • Event Management  (Discovery days, conferences, etc.)
  • Trouble ticketing system
  • Document signing, tracking and storage
  • Satisfaction surveys for better validation
  • 24/7 Dashboard access from anywhere in the world
  • Custom software programming solutions available if needed

Growth Phase

Once your concept has completed everything necessary to launch, the work of bringing on franchise partners begins. Our leading edge systems and technology platform assure that all marketing efforts and candidate interaction are at peak efficiency. No dropped leads, maximum engagement, and 24/7 sales pipeline reporting. Hop online from anywhere in the world and view progress on your concepts’ dashboard. Click below to see how we build your growth machine.

Franchise Development

Statistics show that a remarkable 46% of franchise candidates never even receive a phone call from sales staff. Our professional services insure:

  • Immediate text responses
  • Automated engagement process
  • All proper disclosure guaranteed
  • Personality profiling/screening
  • Professional Discovery Days presentations
  • Accurate document signing & tracking
  • Expert broker relations (when you’re ready)
  • Results, driven by over 35 years of experience

We handle the entire franchise process from initial contact to signing franchise agreements. Why hire expensive full-time development personnel?

On-boarding | Unit Opening

It’s vital that new franchisees get a great first impression of your concept, Unfortunately, this is where most international brands drop the ball due to distance or cultural differences. We adapt our services to your unique concept and have complete project management services available:

  • Each franchisee gets a dashboard to inform them of their on-boarding and store construction status
  • Complete real estate services including site selection, lease negotiation and permitting
  • Automatic tracking of all unit milestones such as lease renewal, option triggers, etc. Nothing falls between the cracks.

We take a long-term view of franchise satisfaction. It starts with a successful start for each and every new franchisee.

Training & Support

We’ll audit your existing training materials and determine how best to adapt them to the U.S. market. (An outline of your training materials is required for the Franchise Disclosure Document)

  • Plus, we’ll begin building a custom Learning Management System (LMS) so that all manuals and content are entirely online.
  • Through the LMS, learning is documented automatically as your franchisees get up-to-speed on your franchise systems.
  • We provide you with experienced field support specialists that can be utilized on either a project or long-term basis.

If your franchise is to succeed in our competitive market, it will depend on franchisee satisfaction and profitability. We survey and monitor this aggressively so we know we’re helping you build a world-class franchise company.

Growth Services
Transition Services

Transition Phase

Now that your U.S. company is well established and franchisee satisfaction is paying off in the form of stellar validation, you can begin to look to the horizon.

Whether that’s to continue on with the tried-and-true or to consider seeking private equity partners who share your vision of value and potential, we’re with you every step of the way as you reap the rewards of the planning and discipline that got you here. 

As you can see, our range of services will get you from launch to mega-concept, all with careful strategic guidance and experienced support. 


Strategic Oversight

Every launch we do is unique so our services are designed to be flexible and adaptable. Our Accelerated Launch process assures you get to market as swiftly and economically as possible and our long term oversight services free you from having to engage expensive full-time staff. We strive to add value and bring our experience to your project in a way that has the most strategic impact, short and long term. 

Venture Capital

We strive to help you in all areas of your business. This means being able to connect you to the country’s best and most strategic capital partners. Venture partners generally get involved early on in a project, taking a larger stake to offset their risk. There are myriad partners to consider and having the right one for your concept when you need it is our goal.

Private Equity

Private equity has been very active in U.S. franchising over the last 10-15 years due to their interest in concepts with strong systems and proven franchise industry management. If this path interests you, we’ll recommend developing a P/E relationship well before you’re ready to execute. We’ll make the introduction and help to assure that the right elements are nurtured as you expand your concept in the U.S or globally.


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